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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Week Of Online Dating/Mishaps/What the Fu.....

(The following is a reprint of a post from the blog My Life As A Serial Dater.)

Okay, so apparently the online dating gods want to make sure I have good material to keep my readership up, because the insanity keeps pouring in daily.  So I got a new message in my "prospective date" turned "probably not" inbox.  Apparently the pond got polluted, because while their are plenty of fish, most of them are nuts.  I don't mean to say this guy is nuts... But, his message had me looking over my shoulder.

I need some opinions on this one, people.

The Message:

Title - "Nice Blog (: You possess sexual agency

Body -

"Hi, I read your blog before, and I am impressed with your ability to garner agency in your sex life.  I have some pics to share, and I travel and stay not that far from you.  I possess the intellectual ability to converse on many level(s).  You will enjoy my company very much(:  Send me an email address and I'll send you pic(s) of me from head to toe(: TTYL, C."

Not so super strange on the surface, right?  Well, here are the details that made me say "What tha ..."

A.  There is no direct link between this blog and my online dating profile.  The link to the blog isn't on my profile.

B.  My real name is only in two posts here on the blog and it's shortened on the profile.

C.  Dude lives in Cleveland, OH.  So, I didn't just turn up on a random search.

So, either he reads the blog and he decided to search for my profile or he stumbled upon me and recognized my pic.  And, since he reads the blog, he's probably going to read this post.  Dave Chappelle was right.  The internet is a creepy place.

*Hopefully my friends are just playing another prank on me... remember the late night phone masturbator.  Good stuff.  I'm just going to hope this is one of them ...

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