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Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 Mistakes Women Make Around Men They Like

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You have the most wonderful guy that you could wish for, yet it's possible that you also lose him fast because of some silly mistakes that women make around men they like. Listed are seven of the biggest mistakes that women should be cautious about around men they like.

Do not be desperate
One of the seven mistakes women make is of being desperate for their men that the men get completely put off by this behavior. If the women can behave like this at this juncture of their relationship, how much worse will their behavior be at a later stage?

Being frivolous and petty
All your beauty and sexiness goes to the wind when men see how frivolous and petty you are. Men get taken in fast by beauty and sexiness or the physical aspect of a woman, but soon tire of this side when they see the real you which is frivolous and petty.

Do not be hasty
Do not be hasty about revealing to your guy everything about your self. That is one of the seven biggest mistakes a woman can make. Men like a certain amount of mysteriousness about a woman which keeps them intrigued rather than know everything about her.
Being easily available
One of the other seven mistakes that a woman tends to make is being easily available whenever the guy wants to get in touch. Men like the cat and mouse game or a little of the hard to get game which women resort to. They tire with easy prey and lose interest.

Being possessive
One of the other mistake that women make is being possessive and demanding of a man's time and attention. Lay off a bit. You too would not like it if your guy became possessive of you. He too needs his freedom and space as much as you do.

Expectations and commitments
This is another mistake that women land them selves into. They build up too many expectations and try to extract too many commitments of their guy. Guys don't want to be under so many expectations and commitments even before their relationship has taken root.

Being too demanding
Sometimes women begin to get too demanding of a man's time or activities. This is one of the seven mistakes that most women make around men and then lose them. No man likes to be answerable about his time and the people he goes out with. He expects you to respect his privacy.

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