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Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Do You Know if You Should Give a Guy Space?

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Nature has made men and women in such a way that men need more space than women. It is also seen in the animal world where males generally live solitary lives or in pairs while the females of the specie generally live in prides. It comes as no surprise that if a man is denied his space he feels claustrophobic and eventually breaks free. You will know when to give him space when he shows some or all of the following symptoms.

The restlessness
You will notice that your man for no plausible reason begins to grow restless and begins to snap at you. If you are a family he will grow agitated when children begin to prance around the house or when they begin to make noise. Such restless behavior indicates that he needs some alone time.

Does not take interest in things that once interested him
Earlier it used to be you or your kids that he reveled in; however, of late he does not seem as interested in either you or the kids. This sign of boredom is a classic symptom of him needing some man time with his friends and buddies. You and the children remind him of his responsibilities and he wants to feel carefree for a change.

He encourages you to take off
He will subtly suggest that you visit your parents or go off on a holiday with your friends and colleagues. Although he will show that he wants you to have fun his real intention is to get rid of you temporarily for some time. When he starts suggesting such things make plans for a vacation sans him.

Old buddies begin making an appearance
All of a sudden he will one day announce that his old friend is visiting town and he needs to catch up with him for old time's sake. This is one of the lamest of excuses men give when they need to get away from their girls/women/spouses.

Overdose of each other
If you two have not been apart for a substantial period of time then it is obvious that you too begin to tire of seeing his face day in and day out. Well, this is also happening with him. So, take a break and leave him alone for some time.

Arguments and disagreements
When the arguments and disagreements seem to increase by the day it is time you gave him some space. Either stop putting pressure on him or suggest that he start spending his weekends at the bar or the pub with his friends. After a few weeks you will notice a sea change in him.

Sex is no longer as exciting
Sometimes when a man gets the feeling of being trapped it is the sex that suffers. He will complain of decreased libido or will not initiate sex with you. It is not that he does not find you attractive, it only means he needs some space to recharge himself.

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