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Sunday, November 28, 2010

7 Tips to Instant Success with Men

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It's man's greatest desire to love and be loved by the very person that he loves. As a woman, it should be your goal to snag the best guy there is before the rest of the pack even catches a whiff of him. Here are some essential tips which will help you succeed with men...

Be more attractive than the rest of the girls.
In order to be successful with men, you must be much more beautiful than the rest. If all he sees is an array of beautiful women, then you're just one among the rest. Let him see something unique in you so that you'd stand out.

The gym could do wonders to your life.
Be the fittest girl he's ever seen. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, let him see that you're in charge of your life. A torturously fat woman proves only one thing - she can't curb her desires.

Show much confidence in who you are.
If all the other women are out there to impress him with their fake selves, then be different. Impress him with your true self. This is one of the most effortless way that you could get him to admire you.

Show him your intellect.
Having beauty isn't enough to make a man take a second look. Sometimes, he does need to hear you talk with confidence. He also needs to see that you have your own ideas and principles, that you're one woman who isn't easily swayed by the tides.

Be full of humor.
Just as women become instantly comfortable around a man who has a great sense of humor, this is also true vice versa. You need to show him the lighter side of your personality. Prove to him that you're not all romance and touchy-feely.

Let him see a busy woman in you.
A woman who isn't busy with any hobby or activity is going to be demanding more time from a man - and any guy would know this. So from the onset, you have to prove to him that you won't be asking much of his time because you're busy fulfilling your own schedule.

Keep your distance.
Always be within his grasp but at arm's length. Don't ever give him the idea that you're too easy to get. Give in only when he has already asked you a couple of times. Do this and you're have the power to entice any man that you like.

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