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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dating Etiquette for Women

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Are you looking for the right dating etiquette for women of today? Have the rules changed so much that you wouldn't know the right dating etiquette for women if you saw it? Were you raised with an old fashioned mentality and you're wondering where dating etiquette for women have gone?

Long gone are the days when women needed to be chaperoned wherever they went. Every move was measured and noticed. If a woman stepped out of bounds, the consequences could often be unpleasant.
Today, we've gained the freedom to do as we please. But does that mean that we should blindly go about doing whatever we want. Read the following dating etiquette for women in these changing times.
The Temptation to Rush
The need to become involved in a serious romance can often lead women to push for a quicker build up of a relationship. In her haste, however, she's passing over some vital steps, like getting to truly know the guy in question.

In addition to skipping these steps, you're giving the guy an unpleasant view of what's to come. Once you start pushing for more attention, more time and more love, you're actually pushing him away.

Cease Competing

With so many women in the workforce, we've gained a great deal of independence. Unfortunately, many of us have also acquired a good deal of arrogance regarding our career status. This can sometimes push us to compete with the guys we meet. We want so badly to prove that we're just as good, if not better, than they are, that we actually enter a contest with him.

If you feel you must do this, make sure you keep it within an atmosphere of fun and amusement.

Respect Never Goes Out of Style

We're so quick to fawn over a cute guy and want to do everything to impress him and get him to like us. Once we've achieved that, many will then turn around and start criticizing the very guy they worked so hard to get.

Men don't do things the same way women do, and many women have a problem with that. So instead of accepting our differences, these women will make an effort to change the guy.

Respect him for the man he is. After all, you're the one who chose him so he must have some great qualities. Love and admire those qualities and maintain a healthy degree of respect for the things you don't like so much.
When you really look at it, dating etiquette for women really is a simple guideline that ends up making the guy feel good about being with you. As you would in any other new relationship, be mindful of the things you say and do. Being polite, interesting and engaging will win you points in any social setting, and the same goes for the dating scene.

Men and women may be different on many levels, but in the end we simply all want to be treated right. Treat him with the respect and admiration that you wish to have him treat you and you'll be on the right path to a great relationship.

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