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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Handle a Guy After You Have Slept with Him

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So you've slept with him. Now, you're wondering what you should say to him. You don't know how to act. You're afraid that you might say or do the wrong thing and the entire relationship goes up in flames. Well, there's no reason to fret. Here are some tips about how to handle a guy after you have slept with him.

1. Determine Your Feelings

The very first thing every woman should do is evaluate her feelings after sex. Was it the right move? Perhaps it would have been a better decision down the road? Whatever your feelings about it are, it is important to determine your reaction to the act so you would know how to handle a guy after you have slept with him.

2. Do, Not Say

If you decide that it was a step in the right direction, the next thing to do is to let him know that you are interested in pursuing things at this level of intimacy. However, instead of using words, use actions instead. Give him romantic gestures and refrain from acting needy and clingy because this will surely turn him off. Be confident and secure enough in yourself to be able to show him what you want without scaring him away.

3. Act Normally

Proceed with your normal activities. There's no reason for the universe to stop after you have slept with him. This will show him that you have your own life, and that you are mature enough to let him live his. It will also drive him crazy if he thinks that sleeping together wasn't such a big deal for you. Of course, you can subtly remind him of the fun you had from time to time to keep him interested.

4. Show Off Other Assets

It's also important to let him know that you are more than just a bed partner. Show him your sense of humor, your capability of intelligent conversation, and your other skills and talents out of the bedroom.

5. Connect Through Something Else

Try doing something else with him. There are other bonding activities you two can pursue. This is a subtle way wherein you can be more present in his life without alienating him. You could join him in an exercise routine, sports or any other activity that can be enjoyed together. This will also deepen his attraction to you because he knows he can enjoy other activities with you.

6. Don't Rush 

It's generally a good idea to wait a little bit before sleeping with him again. Apart from heightening his desire and curiosity, some space will also give you both time to reflect on your feeling and attitudes towards the relationship. Of course, during this period, it is important to let him know that yes, you are still interested and will be available soon.

7. Never Manipulate Through Sex

Lastly, sex should never be used as a weapon. Withholding or giving sex should never be used to wring out favors from him. In order for him to respect you as a whole person, you must show him that there's more to you than just sex.

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