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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are You a 10:30 or a 1:50 Girl?

Ever been out with your girls, looking good and wearing a hot outfit, and not gotten hit on until just before the club/bar/event ends? You might be a 1:50 girl who thinks she's a 10:30 girl. Here's the lowdown:

10:30, aka The Conquest. You've shown up early to the club because it's free before a certain time or the event promoter is letting you and your crew slide (he wants to sleep with you). As soon as you enter you need "holla repellant" to keep at bay all the guys trying to holla at you and get a win. You're the 10:30 girl, the creme de la creme, the one men will pursue early and often.

1:50, aka The Consolation. Party's almost over. The 10:30 girls have either chosen or decided no one in the club is worthy. The uncoupled men are getting more desperate, wanting to have something to show for having taken a serious bath and put on an outfit with minimal wrinkles and Keebler elf shoes.

Most are drunk and incapable of or unwilling to distinguish between class and trash; they'll take whoever's down. If no one's approached you until now this might be you. You're the bargain bin, the bottom of the barrel... the worst of the best, or the best of the worst (it's all perspective). But at this time of the night, he'll take it!

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