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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Few of His Least Favorite Things

Things women talk about on dates that men don’t care about:

* Your job, what goes on there, who you hate, your worries about getting laid off, etc.
* Where you went to school, where you want to go to school, what you’re studying or have studied, your degrees, if you’re working on a Master’s or Ph.D., etc.
* Your kids
* Your take on current events
* How you’re trying to get in shape (too late)
* Pets
* How much you paid for the outfit and shoes you have on tonight, as well as the story of how you acquired either
* Your current or future goals ("I'd love to run a 5K marathon!")
* How much you love or hate _____________.
* The dude you just broke up with
* Your friends (unless we’ve met them and they’re as hot as you)
* Your religious and/or political views

So, what should I talk about?

Discuss your expectations... seriously. A man, depending on what he wants-- which is often sex-- would appreciate knowing how far he can go and how soon. If it's not sex he wants then it's a question of what either of you require from a potential relationship. Marriage? Summer love? Seeing other people? A woman who shows her cards saves herself that most important asset: her time.

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