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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sarah Silverman You Are Not

Want to impress a man you just met? Don't try to be funny. Seriously. For myriad reasons I won't go into, men just don't think most women are funny. We think you do funny shit, but we don't see your comedic value beyond pure slapstick (like you limping around because one of your heels broke off). Leave the jokes to us. Just standing there and laughing doesn't make you a second-class citizen. Asking us to buy you a drink does.

1 comment:

  1. yeah. about that....

    i'll agree with on a few points. most chicks suck at being humorous, but then again so do most guys. on a typical date if im just standing there laughing i'm probably not laughing at the joke. im probably laughing at the guy and the ball it took for him to tell that whack ass joke. -OR- im being a good dip by trying not to be rude and telling you, man that was corny(cause i do wanna get some at the end of the night).

    imho... :)

    oh and btw, sarah silverman isn't that funny. lol