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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your List is Bunk

You know that list you have with all the things a man should be or have in order to get with you? The one you’ve been cultivating since middle school? The one that gets lighter by about three or four items each year?

Yeah… ball that shit up and throw it in the garbage.

Lists are for Santa Claus and Steven Spielberg films. It’s too bad you can’t marry your list, because you’ll never find a man you really like who crosses off all items. “But my list isn’t long,” you say. “I just want a man who’s cute and/or financially strong and/or has a house and/or is funny and witty and sensitive but not a punk and/or can defend me in a fight and/or wants marriage and kids and/or shares my religious and political beliefs and (no ‘or’) loves me for me, imperfections and all."

Repeat: You'll never find a man you really like who crosses off all items.

FYI, men keep lists too. Lists of women who keep lists. They circulate their lists among each other so that every man knows: This woman is not to be taken seriously.


  1. Too funny and too true. Pet peeve: Women who make a list of things a man should have, yet don't have it themselves. Example: wants a man with a six figure check/bank account, but is pushing a mediocre 9 to 5 on a community college degree. Or wants a man with a nice body, but eats an entire package of Oreo's every weekend and doesn't know the term sit-up or jogging. Ladies: having some criteria is nice but your relationship should be a 104K. Match for match. Otherwise it's called gold-digging.

  2. I agree to an extent. My "preferences" are often mistaken for a list. Yet all that I "list" is all that I am. And yes I may miss out but I won't settle. I've done it before. Not doing it again. the good thing is the guy I have been spending time with lately, meets and exceeds my list. Hopefully we can make something work but right now we are in between lol