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Saturday, February 27, 2010

If You're Not in a Movie, Your Sex Doesn't Need a Sountrack

Women typically like to have music played while they have sex. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want anyone else (like their or the guy’s roommates) to hear the sound of their rutting. But more often than not it’s because women, as in all dealings with the opposite sex, require an “experience.”

Nothing puts a women “in the mood” like mood music, and to be sure music does create a certain type of atmosphere. When a woman is being plowed to Maxwell’s cover of “This Woman’s Work” mere casual sex becomes spiritual lovemaking.

Problem is, men sense this kind of prop as an attempt to attach more to the immediate act than is actually there. If a man chooses to play music while boning then it’s usually something that he can set his rhythm to (strippers, too), such as Ludacris’s “Pussy Poppin’” or Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch.” A slow jam a la Robin Thicke set on repeat might make you feel like a lady but it will make him feel like the supporting character in someone else’s erotic story.

Advice? Skip the music. If an orgasm is your aim, the man on top of you should be screwing to the sound of a metronome, if anything.

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