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Friday, February 26, 2010

Women are Like Cars (to Men)

Ladies, think of yourselves as a single car, on the lot of a single car dealership-- anywhere in the world.

A man who’s been browsing the lot sets his eyes on you… likes what he sees… approaches you. He gives you a once over and asks the salesman about you. He hears good things but more than that he’s blown away by how good you look-- and how good he’d feel being inside you. He asks for a test drive; permission granted!

The man takes you out for a spin. He falls in love with the beauty, the power, the design. You’re not so good on gas mileage and maintenance is a bitch, but what the hell? Your smell is intoxicating and the purr you make is music to his ears. He’s inclined to buy, definitely.

Back to the lot for a purchase then, yes?

Not quite. As he gets out of the car, the smell leaves his nose and he no longer hears the purr. His eyes are wandering, toward a car nearby. She’s different from you, maybe a bit bigger (roomier), maybe not as sleek, and her color is not to his liking at all. But… he hasn’t driven her yet. Curiosity is killing him. As he approaches this car he sees other cars he’d like to test out. Then it dawns on him: “I don’t have to settle on one car just yet; I can test drive every car on the lot, on every lot I care to visit.”

This should stop you wondering why a man wanders even if he considers you a good catch. Buying a car is expensive, and he’s not done test driving. Truth told, he might never be. The world is full of cars.

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