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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Faux Bidding War (A Buy Now! Tactic)

In the first revelation of Buy Now! Tactics-- techniques men use to close when a woman shows reluctance to have sex right away-- we examine the "Faux Bidding War."

This is a rare yet very effective (more than you'd like to believe) technique. Let's say you're at a club with a guy. He leaves you to go buy drinks. While at the bar he offers to buy a pretty woman a drink if she'll help him. Her job: to walk up to you, point back at him and ask, "Is that your boyfriend?" "No, but we're on a date," you'll say. "Oh... well he's cute. You're lucky," after which she walks away. This increases his stock and the feeling that if you don't close on him now, some other woman-- perhaps one better looking than you-- will nab him.

"That's stupid. That doesn't work."

Doesn't it?

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