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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Fox in the Henhouse

There is a type of man out there who revels in cutting a swath through your little Sex and the City clique of girlfriends. If you’re talking to a guy at the club, really vibing with him, feeling that “chemistry” you women so crave, remember that he’s not only sizing you up but your friends as well.

Even if he’s into you right now he’s paying attention to your homegirl with the slutty outfit who’s been wasted since ten and almost kidnapped twice. If it doesn’t work out with you, he can switch to her. If it does work out with you, he can still get at her depending on how he works it. And if what you two begin escalates to a relationship, he knows whose shoulder to cry on if you become a problem.

Also, we know that women (especially within minorities) feel they can’t find any decent men, so if we seem to be the perfect partner for you then it’s certain at least one of your friends will notice all too well.

"If you try to get at my friend," you assume, "she’ll realize you’re a dick, reject you, and run to tell me."

Will she? Will she?

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