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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to Impress a Guy

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Impressing a guy will mostly depend on the type of guy you are trying to get the attention of. If your guy is a sports fan, it may impress him if you find out as much as you can about his favorite player. This way you can join in conversations about sports with him, and since many females do not generally get involved, he will know you are willing to try.

If you are trying to impress a shy guy, take charge with him and let him know how you feel. Helping him out of a tough situation by giving advice will impress him. If he is a smart guy, learning a little about what he is the most interested in and talking to him about it will be enough to impress him. This is especially true if he knows you are not the type of female to get into that subject to begin with. It shows you are willing and able to be interested in the things he likes, and this will impress him.

In relationships it seems that a guy is always forced to get into whatever his girl gets into. So, if you as a female are willing to do things he likes, or learn and talk about things a guy likes, it will impress him. If your guy is a car fanatic, learn a little about his favorite type of car. From headers to cylinders, he will be impressed when you can tell him the cc’s of the engine that goes into his favorite car. If you need help finding out this information, ask his friends for help. When he finds out you are asking about the things he likes so you can impress him, he will pay more attention to the detail you put into it.

Lastly, impressing a guy does not mean you have to have sex with him. It simply means that you have to be on his level, and willing to engage in the interests he has. If this means he loves karaoke, you don’t have to sing but you do have to be supportive. If your guy likes drawing, find out where to buy the best paper and pens from and let him know. Ask him what he likes to use and why, then buy him some supplies. Little things mean the most, and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your point across.

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