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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Waiting to Sexhale -- Not!

"If I needed snatch to breathe, I'd be in a relationship." -- George, 47 ( fellow member of the author's gym)

Somewhere along the way, women got it twisted.  Pussy is powerful stuff, but it ain't the cure for cancer.

Men aren't sexual camels like some women.  How a female can go for weeks, months, even years without ding-a-ling is beyond us.  Men like sex, love sex ... but we don't need it.

It's a luxury.  Like the shit you see in Robb's Report.

Personally, I try not to get my ankles caught in any woman's bear trap.  There's so much that comes attached to the P-U-S-S-Y that even the most hands-off chick can become a distraction.  Only men with nothing going on have all day and all night to scrounge for ass.

And ladies ... do you really wanna fuck those guys?

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