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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Makes You "Good"?

I'm genuinely curious.  When a woman says, "You need a good girl like me," what makes her good?

That she's only had sex with a few people?

That she goes to church like clockwork?

That she's working on another degree?

That she prefers slacks to skirts?

I couldn't help but wonder out loud for the sake of a post, but I'm really interested.  If any woman reading this wants to make a case for being good, she can send an e-mail to and let me know what makes her "good."

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  1. I'm not emailing. #Rebel. But I'll say none of those things mentioned above make a good woman. Some of them MAY be desirable traits (depending on who you ask) but they don't make a woman good. A good woman can stand alone...she loves herself and knows that another man or woman does not validate her. She understands that one partner shouldn't have to bring evvvverything to the table--the two should complement each other. She knows that she can be submissive without being weak minded, she has goals and ambitions and handles her responsibilities to herself and family (children if applicable) and then everything else. I could go on and on. But it's nothing you'll find on her resume, sexual history, or church habits. It's about carrying herself with confidence, being well-rounded enough to hold good conversation and handling her business. She could be a scholar or a stripper...or both. Nobody's perfect...a good woman knows this and will strive to better herself every day. #RevRunCanSuckIt