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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Win His Attention

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Every woman wants to know how to get men’s attention and how to make him interested in the relationship. There are several simple ways to do so. Read this article and you will get his heart without too many efforts.

It’s very important to know these easy rules for every woman. First of all because many women just have no idea how to get men’s attention. Women remember their teenage years when they followed the guys they liked but never succeed. Or their crush disappeared after the first date. Some women never understand what they did wrong and have the same problem later on.

Well, let’s talk about the first date. To begin with let’s say that women regard the first date much more important than men do. Men expect to win a prize after a successful date. Women take the first date differently. For them it’s like an exam and they don’t have right to make mistakes. So it will be useful to read what men expect from women on the first date. Hope these simple tips will help you to understand what to do and what not to do on the first date.

First of all don’t overdress. Usually women try to look the best they can. And sometimes they try too hard. Sense of proportion is very important. Choose neat casual wear; do not use too much jewelry and too much perfume. Also be careful with make-up. Don’t give a man reason to think that you dolled up for him, it may put him off.

Don’t talk too much. Sure you have a lot to say but let a man lead the conversation. You need to listen more and to talk less for being a good company. Ask your date about his childhood or his favorite soccer players and let him tell you funny and interesting stories. All you need to do is to keep the ball of conversation. Psychologists say that an easy way to be wanted, no matter how physically attractive you are (or are not), is to make him feel good about himself. Listen to what he says, make him laugh and help him forget his troubles. He will get a feeling of having a great talk.

Don’t be too fastidious and imposing. Let your man choose the restaurant or an activity for the first date. Sure if you absolutely don’t like his choice tell him about it and suggest another variant. . But do not be to domineering about deciding every little thing. Remember, men do notice immediately if a woman is dominating and they do not like it.

Don’t do sappy things. For example never bring any little romantic gifts to him on the first date. It’s really untimely and importunate. Another bad idea is going to the cinema to a melodrama. He won’t be happy to see a sniffling woman on the first date. Also you shouldn’t show and focus on your weakness or delicateness. Be natural and remain yourself.

Using these tips will help you to learn how to make a man to be really interested in you. This will give you the chances to get a healthy, strong relationship with the man you have been after. Just don’t forget to let him know that you have an independent personality; you don’t have to better than you are. Keep these points in mind if you want to retain the man you are dating.

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