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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Relationships: Do's vs. Don't's (for Women)

  • pay him compliments and give him presents
  • introduce him to your friends and don’t ask him to give up his friends
  • control your jealousy of his children if he’s divorced; - let him spend time with his children
  • ring the doorbell even if you have a key to his door (would you like to be taken unaware in your own bathroom?)
  • go with him to a football game (he shouldn’t think that you are going to be a football fan)
  • if you bump into your ex, try to ignore him (even if he looks great and you are not over him)
  • tell him how clever he is (at least once a week)
  • not try hard to win his confidence and make him a member of your family -- you are with him because you like him and you should always show it to him
  • never criticize his friends, even if you feel like killing some of them; give him a chance to spend time with them
  • try not to focus on his defects
  • date married men because it’s in poor taste and things are going to go wrong
  • try to be his children’s mother: they already have a mother
  • tell him about your past relationships in great detail
  • spy on him -- it’s a sign of distrust and a total lack of self-confidence
  • stop looking after yourself
  • vocalize your admiration for Kevin Costner or Tom Cruise on your first movie date
  • fixate on his past love affairs and give all his girlfriends an angry look -- you should try to make them your allies
  • take your girlfriend with you everywhere just because the poor girl is so lonely

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