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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"What are You Thinking About?"

Sometimes the answer is a mash-up, like...

Did I lock my car doors?
Will I be successful?
That thing I forgot to do.
Drink more water.

Thing is, you don't really want to know what a man is thinking about, and he doesn't want to tell you because sometimes he's not even sure what the hell he's thinking about.

Men don't think so much as reflect; it's a party of one.  Don't go by our faces.  The deeper we go into our own thoughts the more our face drops.  We look like zombies but I promise it isn't the end of the world -- unless you push it.

To this day I'll even have one-night stands ask me what I'm thinking about.  I just said had sex, I want to say; with the goal achieved I don't have to think about anything right now.  Or I could be thinking about how to get rid of you with the least amount of discomfort (for me).

It occurs to me that women -- and this part is strange -- seem to be into attempting to read minds or expecting to have their minds read.  Men don't do that.  We'll ask you if something's on your mind once.  After that we just wait for you to say what's on your mind, then decide if we think it's bullshit or not.

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