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Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Diva Dating Tips

(The following is an excerpt from an article by Jay Cataldo on

Put these 5 quick Diva dating tips to use and watch the men start lining up outside your door:

1. Stop Being A Pleaser

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to impress a man by handing over a laundry list of your best qualities or purposely agreeing with everything he says.  Why bother?  You’re fabulous and you know it!  Divas sit back calm, cool and a bit coy and let the man work for their attention and interest.

2. Drink Responsibly

If you still party like a sorority girl, very few men will take you seriously.  Divas are well aware of this and exercise care when consuming alcohol on dates.  Know your limits and switch to a non-alcoholic beverage once you find yourself starting to slip past the “feel-good buzz” zone.

3. Caress Him With Your Eyes

Eye contact is a powerful weapon in the Diva arsenal.  Staring directly into a person’s eyes causes their body to release “PEA”, the chemical that creates the butterflies, tingling, and changes in heart rate that accompany attraction.  Use this technique to your advantage and flood your date’s body with heart-melting love chemicals.

4. Use Your Vibe To Communicate Sexually

Divas don’t use heavy makeup, revealing clothing or overt sexual gestures to increase their perceived attractiveness.  Instead, you should adhere to the Diva way of broadcasting a subtle, sexual vibe by using the power of your mind.  To do this, think sexual thoughts and allow those good feelings to wash over you as you remain relaxed and composed on the outside.  Putting yourself in this state of mind will transmit these feelings to your date and make him wonder why he suddenly feels so irresistibly attracted to you.

5. Give Him The Greatest Gift Of All

The greatest gift a Diva can give her date is her full attention.  Since most men aren’t used to having a woman hanging on their every word, you’ll be creating a vacuum that allows him to open up to you.  And the added benefit it that he will find you absolutely captivating, even if you don’t do much talking at all.

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