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Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Stay Safe on a First Date

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Use these dating safety tips and advice before and during your date:

Preparing For Your Date 

Whether you meet your date in the grocery store or got to know each other via chat, online ads and other online ways to communicate, it’s important to prepare for the date with safety in mind. While security and protection might be the last thing on your mind as you are excited for the date, it’s important to protect yourself from a possible scam artist or bona fide jerk. Before the date, do a quick online investigation to be sure your date isn’t wanted for a crime or to ensure no other unknown bad news is posted online about him. If you find anything disturbing, simply cancel the date.

Security Items

While it may seem ridiculous to you, stashing a can of pepper spray (or even a pepper spray disguised as a discreet lipstick) or other security item in your purse before the date might be a great idea. You never know what type of person you’ll be meeting and being prepared can make a difference if things go sour.

Meeting Your Date

It’s a great idea for you not to disclose where you live to a date, especially until you get to know him better. While your father would likely die knowing a date didn’t pick you up at your house, it’s safer for you to maintain your privacy and meet in public. So, for the first few dates (at least) be sure to plan public meetings and be sure your date doesn’t follow you home afterward.

Affectionate Dates

If you happen to be on a date with an affectionate man who is moving way too quickly for you, be sure to take note. If your date’s advances make you feel uncomfortable, you should firmly tell your date their behavior is bothersome. If you feel in danger, be sure to call the authorities or a friend to meet you immediately at the place of your date and refuse to go on another date with this person in the future. It’s always a good idea to pre-arrange for a friend to call during the date to ensure you’re safe. Coming up with a keyword phrase is a good way for you to let your friend know you’re ok or not ok while chatting on the phone. While it may seem rude to use your phone during the date, it’s a good idea for a first date for you to have someone check in with you. Also, remember your gut instincts are usually right about people, so follow them!

While these dating security tips might seem a little overboard, the truth is there are many men out there willing to take advantage of single women. This is especially true if they know the female hasn’t been out into the dating world for long. So, keep yourself safe and protected by being prepared in advance and while on your date!

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