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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 Reasons Why Men Act Really Cold After a Certain Point

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Is the fact that the men you have had relationships with in the past withdrew after being intimate, puzzles and confuses you? There are many reasons as to why men withdraw and go cold after they have been intimate with you. Here are some tips that will give you a bit of insight into their psychology and help you understand why they do this.

He is afraid of commitment

Even though he is loving and passionate while he was intimate with you, he actually could be riddled with fears of commitment. This is why he feels like withdrawing and moving away from you because he is afraid that you might read too much into the act of intimacy and place demands on him.

He has no real feelings for you

If he has been taking you for a ride and has been intimate with you for selfish reasons alone, he will not take the risk of continuing with the relationship in case it leads to commitment and marriage. If he is just a player he will only think of his pleasure and satisfaction. This is why it is easy for him to withdraw after intimacy.

He is actually insecure and confused about his feelings

There are plenty of men who are basically confused and insecure with regards to their feelings for their women. If your man is one of these, he will be afraid to have a serious conversation with you for fear of having to face talk of commitment and marriage. If your guy is unsure as to what he feels for you other than lust - he will withdraw after intimacy in order to be safe.

He feels awkward and uncomfortable

Sometimes a man will be intimate with a woman because he has been swept away on the tide of passion. If he has been intimate just because he could not resist you physically, and he does not really have feelings of love towards you, he will feel awkward and uncomfortable after!

He is plain and downright selfish

If your guy is very selfish and does not bother about hurting you, then he will think nothing of taking advantage of you and using you only for his pleasure. He is not the type who will stick around after being intimate with you and will withdraw as quickly as possible.

He thinks it is better to keep you guessing

If your man does not want to divulge his true feelings for you just yet and wants to keep you guessing as to his intentions towards you, he is likely to withdraw after being intimate with you. He will want you to chase him in order to find out if he really loves you.

He does not want you to get ideas about him

Here again, a man who is not serious about you but wants to enjoy the pleasures of being intimate with you, will not stick around for you to question him. As soon as he has had his way with you, he will make himself scarce and avoid any sort of confrontation with you. Such a man is usually also ridden with guilt.

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