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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Disappears for a Few Days?!

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So, your boyfriend has gone on to have his own sabbatical? This doesn't mean that the relationship has gone kaput. Keep in mind that men who disappear for a few days just need to do so every once in a while. What you should preoccupy yourself with are these activities:

Don't imprison yourself in your room.

Go out and do other stuff that will keep your mind off him. Moping in your room will only intensify your feelings of loss so just muster the energy to go out and be busy. Seeing only the four corners of your room won't do you any good but a little fresh air would make you see things clearly.

Date out with your girl friends.

If it's been ages since you went out with them, then this is the best moment to meet up with them once more. You may think that the timing is inappropriate but, hey, remember that he was the one who suddenly disappeared so don't let your world collapse just because he's gone!
Never, ever call him!
If you want to show how desperate you are, then go ahead and call his cell phone. But if you believe that you're a dignified woman, then you just wait for the moment when he'll reappear.

A little reflection.

Don't be too quick to point your fingers at him once he comes back. In fact, while he's away, it's time to do a self-assessment. What made him leave? Was he dissatisfied with something? Was he unhappy?

Identify the cause.

So you've made a little reflection, now what? It's time to pinpoint the deeper reason behind his time out. Was he already bored? Has he gone out to be with someone else during these days? Or was he simply taking a breather? Once you've realized what went wrong, then it's time to...

Change or improve yourself.

Has he been asking you to lessen your nagging but you were adamant about your aggressiveness? Has he been hinting that you've become lax when it comes to the looks department? If so, then it's time for a makeover - and fast!

Calmly listen to him once he comes back.

The last thing that your man would need is a squabble right after his time away from you. Calmly listen to his reasons for leaving you. Don't butt in, don't say a word until he's done. If you do this, you'd be better able to understand your man and that is what you would want to happen after all.

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