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Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Meet Men at the Gym

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It's not easy to meet men, especially if you're a divorced woman. You may have a lot of concerns that are preventing you from achieving your goal. Major blocks like low confidence level, fear of rejection and other emotional issues. Other factors include not knowing where to go or how to meet men. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure - there are many good quality men out there. You just need to get out of the house and deal with your discomfort and fear.

If you want to meet men without getting nervous, you need to be comfortable with your surroundings. In other words, go where your interests are. In this article, we're going to focus on how to meet guys at the health club.

For health and fitness-minded people, this is the best place to go. Meeting guys at the gym are a win-win situation. Not only will you be able to get in shape, but you will also broaden your dating opportunities. In fact, the gym is one of the stops most guys make before or after going to work.

If you don't see any guys at your gym, come back another day, or try a different place. Once there, sign up in one of their exercise classes. Survey the place and look for a friendly-looking guy who seems your type. Next, make eye contact and give him a smile. If you see the guy again, approach him and say hi. After the class, invite him for a refreshing drink at the snack bar.

You can also go to the weightlifting or free weights area. Look around for a guy who fits your preferences. Approach him and watch him work out. If he doesn't seem irritated with you watching him, smile and give praise. Compliment him on how easy and effortless it is for him to lift those heavy weights.

If the guy smiles after hearing your compliment, stay until he finishes. Then, ask him for advice and tips. Tell him you are thinking of lifting weights (even though you're really not). You would know if the guy is also interested in you if he offers to help you out.

Hang out at the gym's snack bar. If you don't see any guy, sit at one of the tables alone. Read a newspaper or magazine while drinking your cold drink or coffee. Who knows a guy might walk up to you and ask to join you.

You can also look around and see if a guy is sitting all alone. If you spot a guy who seems your type, buy a coffee or snack. Next, walk up to the guy and ask him if it would be okay to join him. It's that simple. These are just some ways on how to meet men at the gym. Remember; don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

After all, what's the worst thing that can happen?

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