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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Why Do Guys Stop Liking Me After a While?"

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Are you one of the unfortunate gang of women who find themselves alone or dumped after dating for a while? If you are seriously wondering what went wrong with the relationship and why in the world your guy lost interest in you, then it is time to read the following tips and give yourself a reality check!

Too demanding and bossy

Men hate women who are too demanding and bossy. They get disillusioned with a woman who has changed her nature, behavior and attitudes once they think they have hooked their man! This not only proves that she was pretending to be someone else but that she is dishonest and insincere. No wonder he will lose interest after a while!

Expectations are very high

Are your expectations too high? It could be that you tend to put your man on a pedestal and when he does not come up to your standards or expectations - you treat him badly or with disrespect! This type of behavior will put him under undue stress and pressure. He will leave you and stop having feelings for you.

Too vain

Look back and see if your behavior has proved that you are too preoccupied with your looks! If he finds you too vain and proud of your looks, he is bound to get put off after a while. Besides he must be fed up with answering all those questions you keep asking him about how you look, whether your hair looks good, if your dress is flattering to your figure etc.

Too possessive

One way to lose your guy is to become over possessive! Don't try to chain him down. Don't show him that you are suspicious of every woman in his life! This not only will show him that you don't trust him at all, but he will get fed up with your possessive and jealous attitude and will stop liking you after a while.

Too intimidating

Maybe you don't realize it - but you may be a bit too intimidating. Do you shove your accomplishments and talents in his face once too many times? Do you come across as over confident and above par? If you do, then he might find it hard to match you in more ways than one!

Too serious

Hey! Maybe it's time for you to lighten up a little! Are you to serious? Do you never have time for a good joke? Do you behave like a wet blanket? If the answer to all these queries is "yes" then it is obvious that you do not have a good sense of humor and he will begin to resent this fact and stop liking you.

Too fast and easy

No guy likes it to be known by one and all that his girl is too fast and easy! This not only makes him look like a fool to be dating her, but he will begin to resent all the flirting and "come on" looks you give guys without even realizing it! He will stop liking you for sure!

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