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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Is He Just Keeping Me Around Till He Finds a Better Woman?"

If you are not sure about the man you are dating, then there is something wrong and you have to get to the bottom of it to enjoy a full and lasting relationship. Look for these signs that will tell you if he is serious or just fooling around with you.

Is he sincere and loving
No man who is not sincere and serious about you will be loving, tender and compassionate at all times. He will fool around with your emotions and will show inconsistent and selfish behavior at some point of the relationship. Test him and see if he is always there for you.

Is he always on the look out for someone better?
One sign a philandering man will give is the fact that he is always on the look out to make a "kill". He will continually check out other women and ogle them. This shows you that he is just there with you for the present till he can find a better woman. Beware of his tactics to take advantage of you.

Is he always complaining and criticizing?
Think back and decide if he has been encouraging and complimenting or the complaining and criticizing type! Is he always saying cutting things that wound your self esteem and pride? If he is not considerate and sensitive to your moods it proves that he is there only because of what he gets!

Does he give me enough time?
Are you always the one who has to make the sacrifices? Does he give you enough time or do you always have to give way to his friends? This is important and the more he proves that he does not value you or give you priority over others in his life, it shows that he is just fooling around till someone better comes along!

Is he the only one taking while you do all the giving?
Check back and see if you have been the one to keep giving. A good relationship is both give and take, and as long as there is sharing between you, you have hope. If he refuses to be selfless and insists on you satisfying his needs while he does nothing to satisfy you, it shows that he is not serious about you.

Is the grass always greener on the other side?
What type of character does he have? Has he always been the type of guy who is never satisfied with what he has? Does the grass on the other side of the fence always seem greener for him? If yes, then you can be sure that he will leave you the moment he sees another woman who seems better!

Does your needs and wellbeing matter to him?
Only a guy who is bothered about your well being is really interested in you. If he is cold, careless, selfish and inconsiderate where you and your needs are concerned, no one need tell you that he is just fooling with you as long as he is getting something out of the relationship. He will not stick to you in times of trouble and will leave the moment he finds someone better!

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