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Monday, July 26, 2010

(Answers to) Unisex Survey, Part Deux #2

Have you ever had sex with a platonic friend? Explain.
yes. i was curious to see how we was in bed. we are still friends because we had that understanding
What's the longest you've ever been in a relationship?
three years
You find yourself attracted to someone and decide to make the first move. What's your approach?
a simple hello. but i freak around guess i think are attractive
What's your favorite time of the day to have sex and why?
morning. makes your day better and my sex drive is high in the morning
What do you think are your chances of finding the perfect mate?
slim. most people already have the" one" eventhough they may not be official. but keep hope alive
Cuddle or no cuddle?
no cuddle
What are your feelings about public displays of affection, yours and others'?
please dont.that goes for everyone. and side note....if we out to dinner sit on your side
Is there anything about the opposite sex that intimidates you?
overly confident

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