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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Men As Entertainment

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
Here's the thing.  For every girl that's "talking about something" there are dozens more who are mere flirts and cockteases.  It never occurs to some men that they are simply entertainment for the females they encounter at bars, clubs, and other social venues.  You'll take the free drink, watch him do his Bojangles impression and even compliment him on his choice of cologne -- with no intention of letting him get any farther.

Why am I telling women what they already know?  Because a lot of men are hip to this and have become even more asshole-ish (a word?) around chicks, thinking they only have it in their minds to twist them around and make them look like fools -- an affront to their pride.

(The cockblock is a close cousin of this type.)

Anyway, the next time you've got some dude in front of you being corny, just let him know it's not working.  Don't let him dig a shallow grave in front of you.  It's just not right.

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