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Friday, July 9, 2010

Your Man, and Other Women

Okay, the straight dope.  Look at your man... now back to me...

Just kidding... but seriously, look at your man.  BE FOR REAL!!!  Is he fine to you or just plain fine?  If it's the former then don't worry, you still get to play.

I hear women rattle off this and that about their dream guy: tall, handsome, built, sensitive, tough, hard-working, fun-loving, spontaneous, stable, etc.  Supposing your man is all of the above you won't be the only one to notice.  Other women will see your man, want your man and try to take your man from you (because they think you're a punk and a troll).  Be ready for this, and understand that your man is goofy enough to take the bait-- so watch him.  Don't be a nag, but... watch.

Now, if your man looks like the monster from Cloverfield you can give some slack on the leash, but you're not immune to getting your property snatched.  Ugly dudes who get a little bit of attention will stray because men can't help responding to the attention of any woman.  Yeah, I know, he's ugly, but a lot of women out there think like you-- and if your attitude is "slim pickings, better just grab one" then...

So, in review, if he's fine watch him like a hawk; if he's not then just watch him like a mall security guard.  Okay, go!

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