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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Never Change

Stagnation... something you can drink to.
Ladies, take a look at your man now-- his habits, his behaviors, his "philosophy" on things-- because that's what you'll dealing with for the rest of your life (or marriage, whichever comes first).

People don't change, men or women.

It would be easy twenty years down the road to imagine you didn't detect all that craziness in your man when you first signed up, but it was there-- and you witnessed it.  For whatever reason-- his sex, his ambition, his corny-ass jokes-- you charged it to the game and pressed on.

Problem is, bad habits and behaviors only get worse as people age.  If they're paranoid when they're young, they're even more paranoid when they're old because they're getting weaker.  If they gossip when they're young, they'll gossip even more when they're old because they're no longer in the new loop.

Men especially become more rigid with age because we've already accumulated the things we took risks for when we were younger.  Your man took you everywhere because he wanted to impress you; now that a ring is on it, he doesn't understand why you two can't just stay home.

That highlights another point.  Some people will tell you that people can and do change.  This is true to an extent, but not in a truly substantial way.  The average person will change on the outside so as to create a facade for you and others, but deep down they're still the same.  There are some people who change but only after some drastic life occurence-- incarceration, for example-- humbles them completely (and usually breaks the essential spirit of what made them them).

Anyway, choose wisely now.  Choose poorly and it'll only get worse later, when you're too old and tired to do anything about it.

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