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Friday, July 16, 2010

How Men Really Think

I've heard from some women that this blog should be a bit less one-sided, that I should take time out to talk about men and what they should do.


There's already enough of that on Facebook-- women with silly statuses asking questions they already know the answers to.

Men aren't the reason why there are so many relationship self-help books out there.  We're not the ones constantly sparking mini-forums on social networking sites about how the opposite sex does this or that.  We're not the ones constantly pulling out our hair, bewildered by your actions and behaviors.

What we are doing is spilling our guts in the early morning hours at places like Denny's, IHOP, Waffle House.  We're telling our boys things we'd never, ever tell you.  We're talking about the realest shit-- like wanting to leave you because you gained thirty pounds-- as other men listen and pass no judgment (unless we told him not to fuck with you in the first place).

I'm not just a fly on the wall for these conversations but an active participant, and with the blessing of most men I'm providing for you on this blog a transcript of what we discuss, what's most important to us-- what we wish we could let you know without fear of reprisal (no pussy).

If you want equity, start your own blog.  You have my blessing; just don't bite my trademark.

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