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Friday, July 2, 2010

On Anniversaries

For a group that abhors counting birthdays (after 25, anyway), women sure do love when anniversaries-- not just weddings... all of them-- come around.

Men, not so much.  I mean we care about wedding anniversaries (mainly because we have to) as it gives us the opportunity to impress the way we did when we first met you... you know, before we got into your pants.

But all the rest of those occasions like the day we met or the day or the first time I let you eat off my plate are not worth remembering exactly to the day but in a more general, reflective way; this way we don't sound like nuts when we recount said stories to other people at dinner parties.

Like I said wedding anniversaries are okay, just uncomfortable.  Why?  Because they take us-- men, I mean-- out of our routines and forces us to dress up, sit in a fancy restaurant with more than one fork and spoon and express verbally our deep and abiding love in a way that we're used to doing with our dicks-- albeit not as eloquently.

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