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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Let it ring.

I'm usually not big on hyping women up with the word "independence"-- as I think women use it as an excuse to be contrary in all situations-- but today, this Fourth of July, I'm asking women to assessing whether or not it's time to revolt against the tyranny of your current relationship.

This is normally something you'd do after New Year's, after a birthday or after you've found those sketchy text messages in his phone (which you weren't supposed to be in anyway), but I'm asking you to do it today.

It's probably been long and coming.

What I don't want are any more streams of consciousness on my Facebook news feeds by women who are fed up now with actions and behavior they should've been fed up with months or even years ago.  Save me the nausea.  Run a checklist on your man and if today's the day you realize he's not "The One" then today's the day you declare your independence.

You don't have to leave today; just resolve to leave today.

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