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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Portrait of the Asshole as a Young Man 15

I've got a big ego.

They say two people with very strong personalities can't last together in a relationship.  Maybe they're right.  The women who've always enthralled me most are the ones who didn't take any shit from anybody.  The kind that called me on my shit.  The ones who were rough around the edges but ultimately sweet in the middle.

Yeah... that's my wifey.  Just one problem, though.  MY EGO!!!

You may say it's a character flaw but it's just that the same women who entice me most-- save for Amber Rose who's hot, mysterious, and talks very little-- are the same women whose egos are too big to fit in the room with my own.

It's all about them, all about their friends, their fun-- their eventual fame.  Problem is, it's all about me in my personal universe, and to marry or even date such a woman would be to negate that.

Shh.  Don't try to rebut this.  I've worked it all out in my "cave" (see yesterday's post).

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