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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who's Got the Power?

Men don't have any power in sex and relationships.

Women do.

So suffice it to say that when a woman feels that she's received less than what she deserves in any particular situation, the fault lies with her -- she is the captain of the ship, so to speak.

I've been involved in conversations this week -- arguments, actually -- about men not rising to a higher standard regarding women because there are so many "tricks" willing to sell out at rock bottom.  Well, you're never going to have all women on the same page.  As a black man I don't expect my goals, dreams, beliefs and actions to fall in lock step with every other black man; I have to seek out those of like mind and temperament.

The power is yours, ladies.  You've got the pussy, so you make the rules.  It's that simple -- or not.  Because as much as women claim to be the more rational and far-thinking of the two sexes, your woman's intuition often fails you at the point of contact.  I can't be that you suck, so it must be us, right?


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