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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Crucible of the Female Professional: Part 1

A friend today asked me to address why so many female professionals remain single. A few brief points:

You’re a “man” now: You have to stay late at work, your schedule is tricky, you can’t be out all night, you’re supporting yourself and can’t make frivolous purchases, you have a professional reputation to uphold, and so forth-- pretty much the things men have always had to date around; boppers and hoodrats, they don’t have to reconcile any of these impediments and are thus at a man’s beck and call

“I deserve more”: This can be debated with men and between women all day, but it’s just a fact that the more a woman has earned in money and position the more she feels entitled to in terms of a mate; women are simple and complex at the same time, needing an honest man who is consistently concerned yet acknowledging that “a woman who’s on her Oprah grind can’t date just anybody!”; men-- especially minorities-- feeling now more than ever the pressure to be at a certain level, understand a woman’s expectations only as an indictment of their character, abilities, and overall worth; lacking the ability and/or courage to articulate this fear, they easily dismiss you in favor of insipid or weak-minded females

Power: It’s rare among animals that females dominate a hierarchy (lions, hyenas, orcas [oh, my!]), but among humans this is changing fast; women are in greater control of their financial circumstances and thus their sexual, relationship, and childrearing options; men are threatened by this but know that destroying a strong, professional woman outright would be considered wholly evil; instead they seek to make pariahs of you, shunning you and sending strong verbal and non-verbal messages that they won’t be with a woman who can challenge them, even if that’s the furthest thing from your mind

Meditate on and discuss these and we’ll examine other factors in future entries.

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  1. Sigh....again I cry...BULLSHIT!

    The fact of the matter (on this post) is this is a mans view on a womens mindset, which is completely against the mission statement of your blog "How Men Really Think".

    Being honest, most men dont even concern themselves with their female counterparts professionalism....that is until she is in direct competition with him.

    Be it in or out of the work place...weak minded men are intimated by headstrong agressive women.

    Heck, not only is this historical, its biblical.

    Adam had a JOB, that gave him dominion over EVERYTHING in the garden. When Eve, his helper (or helpmate as the bible says) turned to him with the forbidden apple, instead of obeying his bosses command (dont eat from that tree), Adam ate the apple...and all hell broke loose!

    Ever since then, men have been against even the IDEA of a woman telling them what to do (with the exception of their momma)! But let me pose THIS question.

    WHAT IF Adam was a professional, and told Eve, "NO!"

    Maybe we would all be naked in a garden, with a cutdown tree in the middle...maybe the first domestic dispute in history would be spelled out in the bible....who knows?

    My point is ANYONE obsessed with a particular goal, be it Money, Religion, Family, or Career will suffer and inevitably be without in another area.

    Female professionals remain single because they put 50-60 hours a work week into a job, (not including weekends), 10-20 hours on themselves (including she has a good workout regime), 57 hours for sleep, and 5-10 hours a week on friends/family.....that leaves her LESS THAN 1 full day to work and cultivate a real relationship.

    And even if a woman gives that 24 hour to a man she loves....he will only want more...and who has time for that?!?