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Monday, March 1, 2010

"I Didn't Know You Worked in Corrections."

Men don’t like it when you try to correct their behavior. You know this but you do it anyway. You see a man as a project, unfinished.

“No, I don’t. I’m fine with him the way he is or else I wouldn’t be with him.”

Yeah… yeah, that’s bullshit.

An alpha male will fight you at every turn, leaving the toilet seat up on purpose and dragging ass to get dressed for functions you care about (like that spina bifida charity thing). A beta male will argue then make the changes then revert back slowly, until one night you find yourself sitting in the toilet or again smell the odor of Camel cigarettes (“Those nicotine patches don’t do shit for me!”). An Omega male will kowtow to your every “adjustment” but will come to resent you; all it takes is ribbing from his friends and he’ll transform into a human tornado on your ass.

The moral? He’ll be what he’ll be, same as you. He could just as easily argue that if he can put down the toilet seat after using it then you can lift it up following your turn. You’re dating a man as is-- let the woman beware.

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  1. Respectfully I cry, BULLSHIT! The man your describing must WANT to be single and alone for the rest of his life.

    Most children...need structure, guidance, and dicipline to take them from and x-box worshiping, pizza-everyday eating, dirty clothes ironing, holey drawers wearing neanderthal; to a respectful, presentable, family/church orientated, manicured, SMELLING GOOD man.

    Alpha, Beta, or be all you can be...a man NEEDS a good woman.

    Yes, I work in corrections...and you have just been reformed.