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Monday, March 22, 2010

Who's Emotionally Superior, Men or Women?

The answer seems obvious. I’ve always analogized the emotional depth of men and women with paint.

Men are like those watercolor paint sets (6 colors) that kids use in kindergarten. We have a few common stock emotions (happy, sad, angry, annoyed) that don’t really mingle well. Women, on the other hand, are like that large paint palette held by Bob Ross (big afro, “happy trees”). There are many colors that freely mix, forming different shades and new colors altogether.

So that makes women the winners, right?

Women usually argue that it’s their emotional maturity-- and thus superiority-- that makes them think twice about saying or doing things that would hurt or disrespect their men, while men seem to lack a developed sense of empathy and consideration where women and their feelings are concerned. In fact, we don’t lack this sense-- we rebuke it.

Men feel emotionally superior to women because we don’t allow our emotions, however real, to get in the way of basic desires. A man will cheat on his woman despite feeling for her the deepest love and affection and be willing to lie to preserve both (see John Edwards). Women would qualify this as borderline sociopathy, but sociopaths don’t feel remorse; normal men do.

I leave this up for discussion. Who do you think is emotionally superior?

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