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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Supply & Demand: Why the Men You Want are Nowhere to be Found

I hear women ask, “Why can’t I just find a good, decent man?” Answer: that’s not what’s in demand.

Supply speaks to demand. If men as a gender got nowhere being dicks, assholes and jerks who use women as sex objects, mothers and maids then they would’ve systematically changed up their behavior years ago; but they do get somewhere.

Sex is a man’s most powerful primitive imperative. Give a starving man a choice between a ham sandwich and a piece of new pussy and watch his head explode. So it follows that a man, like his prehistoric ancestors, will embrace behaviors that result in sex while eschewing those that don’t. Why then does the successful “loser” persist?

Often what a woman demands in thought is not what she demands in fact. Most men, assholes especially, are adept at supplying superficial demands-- the kind eyes, the nice smile, the muscled body, the witty repartee, the accoutrements of financial virility. Those deeper demands? Fuck ‘em! Men know how much “chemistry” matters to women, which is why they so often and easily fall victim to quacks and alchemists rather than the true male scientists of female love and fulfillment.

Men act however they want because they can, because it’s not so unbearable that you won’t put up with it-- at least for a few months or years-- in exchange for some sense of romantic excitement and spontaneity. That’s all a man needs; after that he’s off to the next flower like a pollinating bee. You demand losers with your choices and are rewarded as such. Your needs, your lists, your views of what should be mean nothing to us when inferior demand can be met by a commensurate supply.

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