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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Love of Your Life is ... Brett Favre?

The day you’ve dreamed of has arrived! The man you love above all others-- your breakup-to-makeup buddy-- your triumph and tragedy-- your “Girl, I love his trifling ass”-- is voiding his player card and settling down. With you. He’s announced his retirement from The Game and is content to let the younger guys play. He’s been a winner long enough and is a future Hall-of-Famer for sure, but all he wants now is to focus on love and monogamy. With you!!!

Now fast forward to the future (near or far depends on the man). He’s restless, full of turmoil. The game by which he defined himself is passing him by. He watches the younger guys having all the fun, telling new stories-- and all he’s got is “Remember when I used to…?” Whether real or the result of nostalgia, he believes he’s still got some juice left in the old “throwing arm.” Calmly, silently, maybe even unconsciously, he begins looking for a "team" that will provide him the “comeback” he needs.

You might want his love forever, but his ultimate commitment is to the game. He tried-- for you, for himself, for his mother wishing for grandkids, for the romantic comedy genre and its crackpot notions-- but for him the game is the game. He probably won’t be as good as he remembers (being with you has diminished his skill sets), but he’ll be back where he belongs… and so will you:

“Girl, I know what you told me, but he's been my boo since high school! If he couldn't commit then why front? It's not like I pressured him, put a gun to his head. UGH!!! DAMN HIM!!!”

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