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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Questions & Manswers #1

This is the first of a series of Q&A’s from a Formspring survey sent out to dozens of men. The survey takers will remain anonymous but do take the answers seriously; these are real men answering real questions honestly. [Note: Answers (in italics) are presented exactly as they were received.]

What are qualities you find most attractive in a woman?
Physically - Nice ass, pretty smile, nice legs, keeps in shape. Personality -

What annoys you most about women?
CONSISTENT annoyance, complaining, no ambition, judgemental attitude.

On a scale of one to ten, how honest are you with the women you date?
7 or 8. Can't be too honest. Tends to scare people away.

What is your typical response to “What are you thinking?”
"Not much. What you thinking of?"

Would you cheat if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?
If I'm REALLY in love with my girl, I wouldn't. But if things are starting to get out!

How important is a woman’s weight to you? Would you mind if your girlfriend/wife gained a lot of weight after you two got together/married?
I wouldn't mind, as long as she noticed it and starts making it an issue to get herself together.

What are you looking for: marriage and kids, just marriage, a live-in girlfriend situation (relationship), friends with benefits, dating with sex being the ultimate goal, or just straight Internet hook-up sex?
Just friends.From there, women get separated and thrown into different categories based on what I want from them.

Do you see marriage as a benefit? How so?
It's only beneficial if the you get a good tax return and good sex to match!

What do you think motivates women: love, money, security, children, “the show” of getting married, etc.?
I think they're motivated by their emotions. All the above that you just mentioned are decided upon based on their emotions.

Is there anything else you’d like women to know about you and men in general?
If you didn't know....
1.) Learn to cook and cook for him.
2.) Keep it freaky. Be a hoe (for him) sometimes.
3.) Be supportive of him, no matter what!

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