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Monday, June 7, 2010

(Answers to) A Simple Survey: Women

What is a real man?
A real man handles his business. He is independent, has a job and takes care of his sh*t. He is comfortable with himself, and makes decision based on what HE wants. I think a real man also thinks about the future...he can see further than the next 5 min and has a plan for his life (whether or not it involves a woman is unimportant, he should see a place where he is going)
What is a real man NOT?
A real man does not rely on someone else to take care of his business. He makes decisions by himself and doesn't seek the approval of everyone around him (getting someone's opinion is one thing, and normal at times, but if he can't make a decision without someone else....there's a problem)

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  1. The girl in this picture is seriously pretty!