Do you believe there's such a thing as a soulmate?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Computer Love?


I know, I know... sketchy as hell.

But for all the fussing and cussing about how hard it is to find a decent man to date and all the rest, many of you have yet to take advantage of the same tool that helped you locate those recyclable flats you couldn't find at a store near you or remember so-and-so's birthday (thanks, FB!)-- the Internet.

I'm not sure of which sites are the most reliable-- from commercials I'd assume eHarmony or, but I don't use them so I won't recommend them-- but I will say that they represent a stone unturned by the majority of single women seeking a soulmate (or at least a generous date).

"Are you crazy?!?  Cyberspace is the new Whitechapel district [Jack the Ripper's old stomping ground]."

Well, many of you use Craiglist or eBay or Facebook, all of which have the potential to put you in touch with some shady characters (poked much?).  Just make sure you do your due diligence.  Ask to see lots of photos, preferably ones with dates on them.  Chat with them online and eventually move to the phone (I know, you don't want your number out there like that... but how many wanksters have you given it to at random clubs?).  Set up a meet at a very public, high-traffic venue.

Use your instincts, that "woman's intuition" you've bragged about to all the men you've sniffed out doing dirt.  Ask a lot of questions and be frank about what you're looking for-- this could save both of you from H.H.S.  And if it doesn't "click," back to the PC (or Mac) you go!

Now get out there, Miss Ctrl-Alt-Del, and play safe!


  1. Found my soul mate in a chat room (back in the day when people used to use chat rooms :) ). It wasn't a dating site but a site of an interest which we both shared.