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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Portrait of the Asshole as a Young Man 11

I think I may be suffering from BWGF (Black Women's Grievances Fatigue).

I hear about more problems regarding dating and relationships from black women than from any other group.  They keep spinning their wheels, talking about the same shit and giving black men the side eye-- because the majority of them won't date outside their race-- in a futile attempt to "solve" the problem of why they can't all be married up with kids and an SUV and a house in a gated community.

Don't ask me.  I mean, I know some of the reasons but...

As a black man and the subject of many of these discussions, I have to say that I'm more amused than anything at this point.  It used to get on my nerves, I'll admit.  I'm 27 years old, single, educated, employed, in great shape, never been arrested (guess I have to include that as a black man), no children (guess I also have to include that) and I have ambitions to be one of the greatest of all time (Kobe!!!).

But I'm actually a lot like those more "triflin'" brothers out there.  I just don't see a reason to give black women what they want, because what they want-- long term, anyway-- doesn't interest me.  Doesn't make me an asshole (I don't think); I'm just tired of hearing about what black women need.

Y'know, they now have those life-size sex dolls you can build for $3,000; I hear they even come with an assortment of penises.  Maybe that's something worth checking out, yes?

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