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Monday, June 21, 2010

You Think You're Wifey Material, But You're Not

You're beautiful, smart, funny, ambitious, forward thinking, good in the kitchen, good with a Blackberry, etc.  So that should make you automatic "wifey material," right?


I had one female friend exclaim on Facebook this past weekend that she was the kind of girl guys wifed, while others were merely appetizers.  I glanced over this-- as I often do grandiose FB statuses-- but thought about it again after attending the belated wedding reception of another female friend (more like a sister).

The DJ who was a mutual friend reminded us that for as long as we'd all known her, she'd always been smiling, always been supportive and a shoulder to cry on, and never judged before hearing the facts-- she was genuine wifey material.

I think many women assume that because they went to college or because they're not sexually promiscuous that automatically qualifies them... but it doesn't.  Being "wifey" isn't just about the absence of faults but the presence of virtues.  Are you someone who can swallow her pride in an argument?  Are you someone who can help a man improve without belittling him?  Are you someone who can curb her selfishness and sacrifice for a relationship, after "The Show" and the gifts and that new marriage smell are a distant memory?

Any silly girl can claim the title, but only a "wifey" can show and prove.

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