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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Talking Shit

"Tish, please..."
Look... go away.

We already know that we didn't take out the garbage, that we didn't remember some important anniversary, that our socks don't quite match the outfit we're wearing to your friend's wedding.

Talking shit in its modern form didn't become common until the law, and social mores, caught up with a woman's need to express herself at full volume.

Before that, a man responded to a woman yelling the way he responded to any man-- with sure-handed conviction.

Now we'd go to jail for smacking you, so we have to let you get all the way up in our George Foreman.  You hem and haw and stomp around, pointing your finger and even muffing our heads.

This may get you your way short-term, but I guarantee you it will return to bite you in the ass.  Many men who cheat do so not so much for sex but for the reprieve that their time with the other woman gives them from the wrath of a shrewish girlfriend or wife.

And remember that there are men out there who still respond primitively to a woman mouthing off in excess, so just be ready.  A domestic violence arrest won't disappear that Hasim Rahman on your head.  Just saying...

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