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Friday, June 25, 2010

Men Love... The One Season Stand

I've said it before.  In the realm of relationships, men prefer month-to-month.

Seasonal love affairs are great, mainly because seasons end.  But it's more than that... to men anyway (and many women).  Remember summer camp (or scholars camp for us extra nerdy folk)?  You went there, you met somebody, you two fell madly in like and there was genuine romance.  Why didn't it go on forever?  Back to school, of course.

Seasons have a clear start and finish that don't require awkwardness to bring things to their natural conclusion.  As the leaves turn colors and the days get shorter, the text messages wane and the booty calls become infrequent.  The love affair isn't dying; it's merely ending.

One season stands are good for women as well.  How so, you ask?

Well, according to the great Negro philosopher Chris Rock a woman will never tell a man how many other men she's really had sex with-- just how many boyfriends she's had.  Miscellaneous dick-- the kind you get over, say, an unnaturally long winter-- can satisfy your needs without necessarily adding to your "body count."

Summer officially started this week.  No season like the present.

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