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Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Are You a Unique Snowflake? Yes. Am I Interested? No."

I'm not sure who's to blame and I've touched on this before, but women seem to be under the impression that they deserve to be swept off their feet because... well, just because.  But many women have forgotten-- due to the fact that men do all the chasing-- how to be genuinely interesting.

For the record, your vagina doesn't make you interesting.  I know there are a lot of women out there who think they're interesting because a lot a men approach them, but I can assure you those men didn't detect your interestingness (is that a word?) from across the room.  Like most heterosexual men they're on the hunt for a mate, permanent or temporary, and their cues are all visual.  Men like to be wowed and entertained and impressed by women as well, but often it's us doing all the wowing, entertaining and impressing.

A man never gets away with putting "deserve" in a sentence (unless we're talking about an all-inclusive cable sports package), but women get away with saying they deserve this and deserve that-- with no real reason for why they deserve it other than "because I'm beautiful, intelligent, funny, supportive, non-judmental, good with kids, charitable, hard-working..."

Right... except you may not be all of those things you think you are.  Even if you're not you still think you're in line for the Prince Charming Ride at Magic Fantasy World.

I wrote this in response to a female reader who got pissed at a guy because he said, after they'd gone on some dates and screwed a few times, that he just didn't feel enough of a connection.  Harsh, I know, but if a woman did that-- didn't like the dates, didn't like the conversations, didn't like the penis-- we of the Sex and the City generation would applaud her for exercising her options.

That's all men want: the right to, without being labeled an asshole, exercise our right to not think you're a unique snowflake-- and act accordingly.

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