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Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Have His Baby!

No matter what he says (when you're fucking) he's not interested in raising a child.

I consider the movie Baby Boy not be not only a hood classic but a film with many messages.  The one that stuck with me when I first saw it back in 2001: "You gotta stop tellin' these girls you want them to have your baby while y'all are doin' it, 'cause they be believin' your lyin' ass."


Truth be told, I've done whole I could see us having a kid together thing with a woman before, but in retrospect it might have ruined both our ambitions and shackled us to one another for longer than we'd have liked.

You have to stick to the birth control.  Any unplanned pregnancy will always be your fault in the man's eyes, and any statements he ever made that would have led you to believe such a thing would be cool will now be null and void.  A child is not a connecting car to link your heart to his; it's a living thing.  Besides, even if the guy sticks around you might end up taking care of two babies.

So, save the baby what if? talk for your future husband.

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